Pastors Weekly Bulletin Notes

Pastor Weekly Bulletin Notes

Dear Church Family,

Time with God cannot be rushed. Often we are in such a hurry our minds flutter back and forth. Everything that we need to get done takes precedent over what should really be done. We need to have a time each day just to spend with God. Can you imagine going to work without having gas in your car. What a disaster your day would become.

We often don't think about starting our day without any spiritual gas. God is a fuel that propels our day. If you had lots of money would you make an investment? If you had a little money would you make an investment? God says we are to invest our time wisely. Time is all we really have that we can change around each day.

There is no better way to invest it, than simply kneeling and talking to him. This week ask God to give you strength to put him first. You will know if you are doing it if you find yourself at the gas station first thing in the morning praying for Holy fuel.

In His Shadow,

Pastor David