Pastors Weekly Bulletin Notes

Pastor Weekly Bulletin Notes

Dear Church Family,


This week just before dark I was cutting grass. Just before the sun went down I noticed something in the grass up above. I realized it was a little rabbit sitting eating grass. Even though the mower was getting closer and closer he just sat and continued to eat.

A couple rounds later  he was directly in my path. I was wondering if he was going to move it all. Just as I slowed down he decided to move. I was only a few feet away at that time. I began to think of how we are so much like rabbits.

Satan puts green grass in many forms out in front of us. Often we will just sit and nibble on the grass. We hear the mower coming and know that we shouldn't be there, but we wait until the last second and try to escape. Often times we don't escape and our lives are ruined. Do you hear the mower coming? Listen listen listen? Do you hear Satan's mower coming, are you too busy eating?


In His Shadow,

Pastor David