Pastors Weekly Bulletin Notes

Pastor Weekly Bulletin Notes

Dear Church Family,

Hot cold, hot cold, hot cold. Do you ever get tired of the weather changing so much so quickly? Just when we start to get comfortable, another blast of cold.

We all hear, this is what gets so many people sick. The flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, colds, corona virus,(oops) hopefully not the deadly type.

Ever stop and wonder what God thinks about our lives? To the altar we go where we receive forgiveness. Days later we are cold again and dont even feel like coming to church. When we do come, we feel the warmth, cosey up to God and out we go feeling refreshed and warm again. Hot cold. Hot cold. Hot cold. Do you wonder if God gets as tired of this as we do from our winters?

God has a blanket for the cold days, and a cooling breeze for the heat. Let's trust God for some consistency in our lives. Revelation 3:15

In His Shadow,

Pastor David