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Pastor Weekly Bulletin Notes

Dear Church Family,

There is a song thats  often used for invitations that says, "I can hear my savior calling, I can hear my saviour calling, ..... take my cross and follow, follow me. " My question is, how do we hear and know God's voice when we're are about to accept Him, or just have accepted Him, but spend the rest of our lives, wondering if He is speaking, or if it is Him that we're are hearing ? Can it be we are thinking it may just be our minds playing tricks on us?

What changed during that time. Full confidence that God has changed our eternity, and forgave our sins one day, and we trust in him, to a few days later, and often we don't trust Him for small day to day things.

Did we become a follower, Or a disciple ?

Take this week, and evaluate where you are right now. Do you listen to God, or just hope somehow when things are going upside down He will just magically appear and you will be able to continue following at a distance?

What do you think God is asking you to do today?

In His Shadow,

Pastor David


  June 2021  
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